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Talë of two cvs: Suspension of disbelief

Talë of two cvs: Suspension of disbelief

Suspension of disbelief .... that is what is requires a "A TALE OF TWO CVS" continues. This unique book mixes two worlds: earthy and spiritual, cars with creed, gears with god. The search for the driving spirit goes on, but the road, as we know, runs out. What lies beyond? Another road? A bumpy track? Or nothing but a vast eternal srapyard? Is it possible to know? There's only one way to find out ... Suspend your disbelief and prepare for the rocking, rolling ride of lifetime! Cardinal Puff, the Princes of Sorry, the French barn mystery, the `Yellow Anointing´, the Jellyfish Man, the Beaver Army, Demis Roussos and the large stilton, cosmic dentisty, the cheese missile, the kipper's revenge, a multitude of the finest classic cars, 2CVs (with unbelievable suspension) and The Archers meets Harley-Davidson ... This book goes further, higher deeper and funnier than ever before in pursuit of ... the meaning of life.

Plus de 300 pages avec des photos en plus. En anglais.

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