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La Fête des Limousines

La Fête des Limousines

The top models of the French brands from the 70's, 80's, 90's and 00's continue to appeal to the imagination. ‘La Fête des Limousines' is a collection of beautiful stories, anecdotes and history about the Citroën CX, XM and C6, Peugeot 604, 505, 605 and 607, Renault 20/30, 25, Safrane and Vel Satis, and the Talbot Tagora. Some special models will be covered, such as the Peugeot 607 Paladine, the enormous creations of Tissier based on the Citroën XM and the Renault 20 in Dakar-outfit.

But there is more. Did you know for example that in the 1990s a coachbuilder built subtly stretched 25's, Safranes and XM's in the Netherlands? And is it possible to buy a real Limousine for a few hundred euros from the country's most notorious car dealer? ‘La Fête des Limousines' surprises from start to finish with interesting stories, often with a playful wink.

The book has been compiled by the organisation of La Fête des Limousines, a special car festival organised a couple of times since 2004 . Joy runs like a thread through this book, which with 128 pages and lots of pictures offers hours of reading pleasure. By purchasing this book, you are supporting the Viv l'Auto foundation, the organisation behind La Fête des Limousines.

‘La Fête des Limousines' will be published on September 2, 2018, not coincidentally also the day on which the event with the same name will take place at Fort Isabella in Vught (NL). The book is for sale there, but anyone who wants to be sure of a copy can already make a reservation now. The first 50 copies are numbered and signed by the La Fête des Limousines organisation. Already a collector's item!

128 Seiten,. Paperback, in niederländischer Sprache.



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