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Les filles de Forest

Les filles de Forest

Special lighting, different wheel covers, larger bumpers, cut out rear fenders... The Citroëns built at the Belgian factory in Forest differ in many ways from the French-built models. Unfortunately the factory archives were not always well documented, so reconstructing the history of the cars produced in Forest was quite a puzzle. However with some original documents, interviews with people who worked in the factory, publications about the plant and analysis of some cars produced in Forest, more than enough information was found to fill this book.

‘Les filles de Forest’ describes the production and evolution of the two-cylinder cars built at Forest, from the first 2CV A in 1952 to the latest Visa in 1980, and all models in between, such as the Citroën Ami 6, the Dyane, the Méhari and the LN. Also more exotic vehicles like the Radar and Lohr are reviewed. Overviews of body colours, fabrics, production figures and chassis numbers by type and by year complete this 360 page thick book, along with hundreds of images, some of which have never been published before.

360 pages in french (also disponible in a dutch version.)


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