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Citroën DS in Asia / en Asie

Citroën DS in Asia / en Asie

And you thought you knew everything about the DS? In this book Pierre Jammes tells us the unheard and fascinating stories of the mythical Citroën DS in Asia. He has scooped archives, searched through secret collections and most importantly, he has let their owners do the talking. Although many books have already been published about the Citroën DS in several languages, none has ever been written on this particular topic. That makes this book a must for every Citroën enthusiast.

Author Pierre Jammes is a Frenchman based in Asia, where he drives a Citroën DS. As a hobby, he has gathered together a unique collection of material about the DS in Asia over the last ten years. Olivier de Serres, a prominent Citroën DS specialist and author, wrote the foreword of this book. The book is bilingual: the text is in English and French.



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