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Citroën GS & GSA - Topklasse in het middensegment
[Cit GS]

Citroën GS & GSA - Topklasse in het middensegment

Citroën is rather late with a small family car. Competitors have already discovered this segment for quite some time when Citroën presents the GS in August 1970. But with its sleek design, superb suspension, complete dashboard and spacious trunk the GS immediately sets a new standard in its class. True, there are also downsides, but if you take a closer look, you’ll see a well-balanced car. Soon Citroën expand the GS range further with the Break (Estate) and the practical Service. The top model is the Birotor, a GS with a rotary engine. In September 1979, the GS is replaced by the GSA, which has been thoroughly modernized and now features the long-awaited fifth door. In July 1986 the final GSA leaves the factory, thus ending the successful careers of the GS and GSA after 16 years.

In this book, author Marc Stabèl describes the history of the Citroën GS and GSA. By means of numerous facts and many previously unpublished photos, the development, background and historical context are described extensively and the same goes for the evolution of all types from year to year, which makes this an essential reference book for every enthusiast.

256 pages in dutch.


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